Low Voltage

fireAlliance Wire & Cable has been a favorite of Security, Fire, and Life Safety Contractors since it was established in 1998. With immediate access to more than $2 million of inventory at our disposal, you can count on Alliance Wire & Cable for quick delivery.  

Our knowledgeable team can help you source the right product for your project.

A sample of our product offering is listed below. Please contact us with your specific needs and let us get what you need when you need it.



Products Include: 

Security Cable & Control Cables

  • 12 - 24 AWG
  • Multi-conductor and Multi-Paired
  • Shielded, Non Shielded
  • Riser or Plenum rated
  • Special colors and striping

Electronic Cables

  • 14 - 26 AWG
  • Multi-conductor and Multi-Paired
  • Shielded Foil or Foil/Braid Shield
  • Low-Capacitance
  • Riser or Plenum rated
  • Special applications/Harsh Environments

Home Automation Cable

  • 14 - 18 AWG
  • High Strand count
  • Oxygen Free copper
  • Hybrid Coax and Category 5 or 6 * Lighting Control Cables
  • Automation Cables

Fire Alarm Cables

  • 12 - 18 AWG
  • Standard and Mid-Capacitance
  • Shielded, Non Shielded
  • Riser or Plenum rated
  • Outdoor & Direct Burial

Coaxial Cables

  • CATV cables
  • CCTV cables
  • LMR Low Loss cable
  • Riser, Plenum or Outdoor rated
  • Direct Burial
  • Special applications/Harsh Environments 
Ideal Electrical
Advanced Digital Cable
General Cable